About Red Squirrel Resources

More and more people are waking up to the value of spending time in nature and how the societal trend has been to get outside less and less.  For children especially, for the first time ever, we have a generation with some children growing up without the fond memories of catching grasshoppers, splashing in streams, hiding in long grasses and of their special place in nature.  To think of how out of balance with nature we already are, and how this could become even more amplified – doesn’t bare thinking about what kind of world my great-grandchildren might grow up in. It can be a hopeless, lonely place to consider.

So we choose to focus on the solution!  

Whether you’re a parent, teacher or mentor, you may have tried getting children outside and met resistance.  Or maybe you’ve done some training or are a natural and you’re getting people outside and connecting but you’re asking how you can take it even further.  Wherever you’re starting from, we have given ourselves the mission to help you bring deeper nature connection to many more.

Who are we to help?

Well, we are a passionate group of people who have extensive experience from our own connection journeys and in helping facilitate and maximise connection experiences with all ages and stages of life in diverse settings.  Adding up our team’s experience we have over 100 years of consciously working to strengthen the ropes of connection with our natural world.

Our Membership Offering 

Red Squirrel Resources is an incredible online resource that pools our collective experience into bite-sized, engaging videos and associated downloadable resources to help you to:

  • Deepen your own nature connection journey
  • Fill your ‘invisible toolbag’ brimming with games, activities and crafts that fast track connection for others
  • Understand why your own connection is vital to connecting others
  • How you can create a culture of connection with whoever you’re working (or playing) with to maximise the effects

We see the problems facing the world and our underlying goal is to get as many people in the world as deeply connected as possible to help turn the tide in the global society’s consciousness around from using resources in this consumer culture to restoring the earth and living in balance.  This online offering is our way to spread our reach and help you, help us in working towards this.  If you’d rather a one-time purchase for a specific theme, check out our bundles for lifetime access. 


We have created over 200 resources categorised into an online library so it is easy to find what you’re looking for.  We are all coming from different places, backgrounds and experiences so we trust you’ll find resources that meet you where you’re at and take you on a valuable journey.  Please let us know if there’s something else you want though and we’ll do our best to create it!

Within Each Resource

Each resource will be either a game, activity, craft, song, story, knowledge on a natural species or sharing about an aspect of our approach to nature connection. Where applicable each resource includes:

  • Video (about 5-10 mins long) showing you how we introduce the game or activity, how to set it up, the game in action, variations, what to look out for and highlighting some of the value of it from a nature connection perspective.
  • A downloadable written how-to of the activity including what materials or equipment are needed
  • Template of generic risk assessment considerations for this game or activity – you will need to read this and amend it to your environment and the group you’re working with that may have specific needs

You will leave watching the video inspired and equipped with a feel of how to run it yourself with a group and knowing our tips and tricks having played them over years with different age groups.