The Ropes Bundle

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Ropes can bring such fun and joy as swings, rope bridges and lashings.  They can also cause fair bit of frustration if you’ve ever had to untangle a big knot of ropes… 

The Ropes bundle gives you a comprehensive basic overview on what’s important to consider when sourcing and taking care of ropes.  We have short films to teach you what we consider the most useful knots when running groups in the woods.  And then a bunch of fun challenges that you can use to apply knots – these can create the need and hunger in participants to learn knots and lashings and then they can try them out straight away such as with the stretcher challenge.

Ropes and Rope Care
5 top knots for the woods
4 really useful knots
Coiling rope
Tree Health Assessment And Rope Swing Considerations
Putting up and Retrieving a Rope Swing
Stretcher challenge
Rope bridge challenge
Log drag challenge
Timed Tarp Challenge
How To Put up a Tarp
Cordage Bracelet – Rush
Stinging Nettle String

Each resource comes with a downloadable written summary with the primer, rules, kit list, hazards etc. as well as downloadable risk assessment considerations.

Try before you buy

We’ve made a few of our ropes skills in the bundle available for free so you can get a feel for the bundle before purchasing. Select any of the resources below to try them out!