The Story Bundle

Storytelling Skills Workshop

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Our storytellers bundle is both for those beginning their storytelling journey and for experienced storytellers who want extra stories to add to their inner library.  Within the bundle you’ll find three overarching short films where Arthur shares some tips and techniques to enrich your relationship to learning and telling stories.  You’ll also find 11 stories, each of which you can listen to whilst online or you can download the audio file to listen to it anywhere, anytime.  Each story also comes with a downloadable written summary or bare bones to help jog your memory of the key points of the story whilst learning it.
Value of Storytelling
Tips for learning stories
Tips for telling stories
Snake of Dreams
Man in Search of his luck
Jack and the Golden Snuff Box
The Salmon of Knowledge
Princess Vasilisa and the Firebird
Garden of the poor
The Secret Guardian of Sussex
King of the World
The Rich Man and the Poor Man
The villagers of Chelm
The Blind Man and the Hunter

Try before you buy

Check out our free preview of the first of Arthur’s overarching short films on the Value of Storytelling, and a preview story Princess Vasilisa and the Firebird, told by Daniel, below.