The Whittling Bundle

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Many people find that whittling is a therapeutic, relaxing craft that gives them a sense of responsibility in using this sharp tool. Through carving one gets to know the qualities of different woods and trees more intimately and in a way that involves more of one’s senses. The smell of different freshly cut woods can be all you need to identify some species of tree for example.  To start with a stick or a log and remove wood to uncover a useful or beautiful form is deeply satisfying.

This bundle gives you a progression of craft projects to develop whittling skills from the beginning working up to more advanced projects. You will be introduced to a number of techniques including:

  • Safe introductory whittling positions
  • Double thumb technique
  • ‘Gypsy’ Knee technique
  • Battoning

These will enable the following whittling developments

  • Peeling a stick
  • Pointing a stick
  • Patterns in bark
  • Planes of space
  • Rounding a stick
  • Notches, cutting through fibres
  • Sawn stop cuts
  • Batoning, controlled splitting
  • More advanced forms

You’ll be guided step-by-step through how to create these different crafts and what common mistakes and hazards may present themselves as well as good ways around these.  In some cases, there are extensions, variations and applications to the crafts offered too.

See our freely accessible overview of whittling progression on our homepage.

Individual craft videos included:

  1. Whittling skills progression
  2. Safe knife use
  3. Wood harvesting considerations
  4. A staff or walking stick
  5. Magic wands
  6. Butter knives
  7. Quick pegs 2 ways out of thumb sized sticks
  8. More advanced pegs out of bigger rounds of wood
  9. Mushrooms
  10. Mallet Making
  11. Spatulas 2 ways (both utilising stop cuts and utilising battoning techniques)
  12. Spoons with basic flat forms
  13. (Bonus content) Bark containers – a craft that involves a small amount of whittling that helps understand the layers of trees (seasonally specific)
  14. Making wooden animals using green wood working principles with the demonstration of a Christmas Reindeer.

Each craft comes with a downloadable written summary of the process, highlighting the hazards, as well as downloadable risk assessment considerations.

We trust you will find inspiration, great tips and most importantly: joy in your crafting and wooden creations!

Try before you buy

We’ve made our “Whittlings Skills Progression” and “Mallet Making” resources free to access so you can get a feel for the bundle, click on their entries below to view the videos and resources for each!