The Games Bundle

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This bundle will fill your invisible tool bag with new games to play in natural environments and perhaps variations on any games already familiar to you.  Not only that, but we’ve chosen these games as they give diverse examples of games that help us explain why some are better suited to certain age groups than others.

Younger children can be overwhelmed by more complex games, here we break it down and give clear examples of games that best meet younger and older children.  In this bundle you’ll gain access to an overview video that goes into general principles of games and where they sit on a progression. Of course, you also get access to 12 of our favourite games:

  1. Games Progression – This video highlights how games can develop in complexity and will help you select the most appropriate game for your group.
  2. Picking Teams – A video on how being chosen last can foster negative feelings in team games, and ways we can create teams in a fair, fun way.
  3. Fire Flood – a fun and accessible game with a simple format. This game uses imagination and gives participants the opportunity to choose their own level of risk.
  4. Steal the Spines – an classic game with many names. It is excellent to shift the energy of a group to a slower, quieter and more aware state.  It is engaging for a wide age range, developing quiet, stealth movement.
  5. Eagle Eye – a hiding game that develops a sense of feeling at home in the environment.
  6. Bird Families – a biomimicry game that develops empathy and understanding for the birds as well as awareness of basic bird language. Great for all ages.
  7. Bear Tag – a light-hearted tagging game played in a contained space. Great for ages 5+.  This playful warm up game is a great as an ice breaker, to warm up to get familiar with others in the group and build spatial awareness.
  8. Bunnies and Borrows – a cumulative tagging game with safe places, played in a contained area. It helps build awareness of food chains and population changes whilst playing at being a rabbit or a fox.
  9. Wolves and Deer – a cumulative tagging game using role play that encourages empathy and understanding of deer and wolves.  This is a favourite to play in a wider woodland environment where camouflage, sneaking and a good chase can flourish.
  10. Human Chess – an unusual game that soon becomes a favourite. This game brings silence to groups in the forest, developing communication skills, strategy and jumping. A level of maturity is needed but children from age 7+ have really enjoyed!
  11. Storm the Castle – a team game that works well for a groups of 16-40 participants a wide age range with a variety of roles
  12. Nutty Squirrels – an all v all game involving blindfolds, communication and sensory awareness
  13. Foxes Tails – See RSR homepage for video, a quick all v all game developing awareness, agility and stealing each others’ tails.
  14. Jedi Training – an all v all game for 2-8 players that can work for a wide age range but meets pre-teens and teens especially well. This game develops proprioception, hand-eye co-ordination, agility and reflexes.

Each game comes with a downloadable written summary with the primer, rules, kit list, hazards etc. as well as downloadable risk assessment considerations.

Try before you buy

Below you can see a few “preview” resources so you can see how we’re formatting our offering and try out some games!