Follow a Guided Sit Spot Journey

A guided journey to support you to take time to be in a local natural space each day from Imbolc to Spring Equinox 2022.  If you missed the beginning, don’t worry – you can join anytime and just start at Day 1 or even start on the date where we have got to on our journey. 

This is a FREE offering.

In early January I was feeling pretty low and turned to my sit spot for support.  I had got out of the habit of going and was amazed at the response.  I had such a big state change after just 20 minutes of sitting and laying at my sit spot.  It was so simple yet powerful for me, that I committed to going for all the remaining days in January. I’ve posted my Midwinter Musings following my sit spot each day – you can view them here if you’re interested.  

Now at the end of January, I’m feeling the value of this practice more than ever and now I’m choosing to support others who feel inspired to rekindle, enrich or start their own daily practice of being in nature.  


What this will look like for you

Sign up here to receive a weekly email for the coming 8 weeks from Imbolc to Spring Equinox.  Each week will have its own theme to bring your awareness to.  Within your weekly email I will offer a suggestion to focus on for each day of that week.  We will journey through layers of self and nature with the intention to deepen your connection inward and outward.  

In addition, we will put a weekly post on our Facebook page that anyone taking part can comment and add to with what they’ve noticed, sharing photos and reflections to inspire and support each other. 

I will also add the invited daily focus on this webpage for reference if that works better for you.

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